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57 hypertensives with LVH underwent wash-out with placebo for 4 weeks before randomization. For the following 24 weeks, 20 patients received amlodipine and 21 enalapril on doses respectively of 5-10mg, and 10-20mg. Echocardiographic and ABPM changes were prospectively analysed and revealed, despite similar blood lowering effects from both therapies, a significative reduction in 6 of the 7 echocardiographic variables with amlodipine and 3 with enalapril. These variables were related either to LV mass or to diastolic function. Of the 12 ABPM variables studied both regimens led to marked reductions, except for two night time variables in the enalapril group. It is concluded that both treatments are effective in bringing about regression of signs of LVH in hypertension.

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