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The volvo of the gallbladder is rare, it more commonly affects aged people and mainly the female sex, its etiology its unknown, although it has been related to an anatomic variation of its own mesentery, strong peristalsis of the adjacent visceral, cholelithiasis, arteriosclerosis of the cystic artery, kyphosis, multiparity and loss of weight. The signals and the symptoms are usually unclear and the diagnosis is made during the operation act. Among the complementary exams, the ultrasound and the computed tomography can be useful and allow an early diagnosis; otherwise, the wall infarct occurs, succeeded by necrosis and can also result in a perforation of the gallbladder. The authors report a case of a gallbladder volvulus in an aged woman, with preoperative diagnosis not presumed. A revision of the possible causes is made and it’s emphasized the importance of the early diagnosis.