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Objective: To evaluate the medium term effect of steroid use on the linear growth of children with primary nephrotic syndrome (SNP).

Methods: Retrospective analysis of children aged 2 to 8 years undergoing treatment for SNP in the Pediatric Nephrology Service of HC- FM-UFGo and taking prednisone for at least 2 years. Growth rate variations per year for 5 years were studied. Student’s t-test was used t evaluate correlations between the variables and steroid use.
Results: 29 children were evaluated (mean age of 63,4 + 36,4 months). Growth rates per year during the steroid use period varied from 2.5 to 18.1 cm (mean 7.0 + 3.2 cm), versus 1.3 to 13.9 cm (mean 6.8 + 2.8 cm) during the period of steroids. Student’s t-test showed no significant difference between the results of the two periods.
Conclusion: Prednisone use in therapeutic doses did not lead to medium term changes in the growth rate of this group of children.