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Analysis of estrogen receptor (ER) has been used as indicator of hormonal therapeutic response and of prognosis in breast cancer.

The authors correlationed the expression of ER and histological findings, namely grade of differentiation, lymphocytic infiltration and elastosis, in infiltrating ductal carcinoma (IDC) of breast. The authors attempted to prove through routine histopathologic assessment whether ER in ductal infiltrated breast cancer is present or not. The ER was detected in tissues using the avidin-biotin immunoperoxidase technique associated with the H222 monoclonal antibody from Abbott. A detailed histopathologic analysis of 34 IDC was performed and morphologic features were correlated with the estrogen receptor (ER) status.

ER was detected in 24 (70,6%) of 34 cases. The statistical analysis showed that the expression of ER was correlated with histological findings of good prognosis as well differentiated, absence or mild lymphocytic infiltration around the tumor cells and severe elastosis. The evaluation is useful and extremely practical.

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