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Asymptomatic gynecomastia is a com mon feature in boys at puberty. In healthy individuals it is named puberal gynecomastia. Althrough benign and very common, it can generate embarrassment on affected individuals and their families, which implies that every physician must be prepared to diagnose and conduct this cases. With this reason, we realized a retrospective study at Adolescents Health Care Center from ABC Medical School in Santo André – SP – fiding 28 cases of puberal gynecomastia in 1030 patients studied. Our results showed that 85% of patients ranged from 12 to 16 years of age and 64.2% were within Tanner stages III -IV. Most were asymptomatic and only 3 patients related behavioral changes with gynecomastia. The authors suggest a more accurate physical examination, even witthout complains from the patient, with the intent to make more diagnoses of puberal gynecomastia.

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