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The local anesthesia is a common procedure in otolaryngology. The division of the anesthesia in 3 phases facilitates the procedure and allows larger comfort for the patient. The appearance of new drugs made possible a better sedation and analgesia, faster recovery and less adverse effects. The 1st phase, the analgesia-sedation, is done with endovenous injection of 2 ml of fentanil citrate (0,1 mg) followed by 30 mg of midazolam diluted in 10 ml of physiologic solution, administered slowly. The 2nd phase, the topical anesthesia, is done with cotton wicks soaked in 2% tetracaine solution with 0,05% oximetazolina placed at both nasal cavities. Finally, the 3rd phase, extravascular infiltrative anesthesia, is done with infiltration of 7-10 ml of 0,05% bupivacaine solution with 1:80.000 epinefrine. The knowledge of the effects of these drugs allows to the otolaryngologist a better handling of these and consequently prevents possible complications.

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