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The sexual relationship is one in the ways of the exercise of the sexuality during the adolescence. The objectives of this research were: To investigate the exercise of the sexuality; To verify the adolescent’s knowledge about contraceptive and prevention of DST/Aids and to identify the contraceptive methods and prevention of DST/Aids. The materials for analysis were collected through questionnaire with open and closed questions. Thirty-six adolescents of the feminine sex were interviewed, with ages among 11 to 17 years. The grade of the instruction changed between the fifth and seventh grades. The first menstruation occurred between 12 and 13 years among 61.0% of them. They indicated that the first source of information about sexuality was respectively: mother, teachers and friends. With relation for the methods contraceptives and DST/Aids, the answers demonstrated an ignorance about the subject. Eight adolescents had already had the first sexual relationship, with ages between 11 and 17 years, among them the type of used contraceptive went to masculine condom (66.7%) proceeded by the pill (33.7%). The reasons for the not using contraceptive and prevention of DST/Aids were: they didn’t hope to have the relationship; they didn’t worried with that; and, the discomfort caused by the masculine preservative. Two adolescents just mention the constant use of the masculine preservative and three the sporadic use. The number of sexual partners varied of one to four. The results obtained in this study leaded to the elaboration and implementation of an educational program in the institutions of health of the community.

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