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The addictions, among them specially the alcoholism, are today a serious and multifeatured medical, social, and economical problem all over the world. In the United States, at least half of the population present some degree of diagnostic criteria for alcohol abuse disorder and dependence. The statistical studies about drug addictions, their overdoses and abstinence, represent danger for the users. New treatments only began to be more effective with the introduction of naltrexone, a non-selective opioid antagonist actually present in our country. The results not only on alcoholism, but also on other dependences, are beginning to change the medical aspects of detoxication, relapses, rehabilitation, and the control of the costs. Even the psychotherapies are now more encouraging. The addictions are approached by conscious acknowledgement to non-specialist doctors to the correct diagnostic and the use of some valid treatments until a later visit to the psychiatrist. All segments of society are becoming aware to the control of this worldwide problem.

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