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Background: To verify the relation between migraine and allergic episodes. Methods: This retrospective case-control study was carried out by mean of interviews with 200 consecutive people randomily ed, of ages between 25 and 59 years old of both genders, distributed into two groups: Group 1 (n=100): people with migraine and Group 2 (n=100): people without migraine. All of them were identified by age, gender, skin color and stressing episodes of allergy and their characteristics. The diagnosis of migraine was confirmed by specialists. The clinical manifestations were classified according to Headache Classification Subcommittee of International Headache Society. The relationship between migraine and allergy was investigated. Doubts related to the studied parameters or to the responses obtained at the interviews were criteria of exclusion. The results were compared using Student´s t test, chi-square test and Fisher´s exact test. Odds ratio and confidence intervals were calculated as well. The significance was considered for values corresponding to p<0,05. Results: Women and black skin people presented a higher incidence of migraine. The patients with migraine had a higher incidence of allergy in comparison with the control group (p=0,000001). Relation between respiratory allergic episode and the begining of a migraine crisis was verified (p=0,000004). Conclusions: According to the present study women and black skin people present higher frequency of migraine, and migraine is related to allergy.