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Introduction: The transition between the reproductive and not reproductive woman’s years, that happens in middle-aged, is known as menopause transition or climaterium, that is characterized for chronical and degenerative changes due to hypoestrogenism, between them athrofic changes of urogenital tissues, inducing reduction of the pelvic support and lubrication of urogenital tissues causing vaginitis, vaginal itching, voiding disfunctions and sexual disturbs. Objective: To evaluate the sexual function of women in menopausal transition. Casuistic and Method: Had been evaluated 40 sexually active women, with ages between 45 and 55 years that were in perimenopause (A group) or natural menopause, not making (B group) or making use (group C) of hormonal therapy, through the questionnaire “Sexual Quotient – Feminine Version”, composition for 10 questions classified in scale of 5 points. Results: The group C presented a average of 39,67 points, that is, “bad to unfavourable”. Already the group B remained with a average of 52,00 points, that is, “favorable to regulate” and the group A got total average of 62,70 points, being a score “to regulate to good one”. Conclusion: The women that is in menopausal transition has deficits in the sphere of the sexual function, mainly the women in post menopause, either making or not HT use, when compared with the patients in perimenopause.