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Objective: To verify the frequency and factors associated with sistemic arterial hypertension (SAH) in adults cared to Family Care Unit´s (FCU) from Jequié, Bahia. Methods: The transversal design in the sample of 101 adults ≥ 18 years old, were recorded randomly among the seven micro areas of FCU. 75 subjects were female (74,0%). In this study, people with SAH were considered as those who reported high blood pressure and/or took medicine to control SAH. The total frequency of SAH was calculated and following variables were considered (age, group, gender, occupation, education level, number of daily meals, nicotine usage, alcohol consumption, physical activity, habits, and body mass index. Results: The frequency of SAH was 28,7%, being more prevalent in older subjects [40-59 years (OR = 5,00) and > 59 years (OR = 16,03) p < 0,001], inunemployed (OR = 2,80 p = 0,023), those who have eaten less than 3 meals a day (OR = 3,79 p = 0,012) and those with undesirable daily physical activity level – DPAL (OR = 2,62 p = 0,030). Also was observed the high prevalence of the SAH in subjects with overweigh (p = 0,052). Conclusion: The results showed that the SAH was frequently and associated with the variables: age, employment, number of daily meals, and DPAL. Besides, was observed strong tendency of association with BMI.