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Objective: identify stress status in low risk pregnant women, in 3rd gestational trimester of the pregnancy, according delivery way idealized.

Material and methods: it was realized cross-section study, from January/2003 to June/2004, with initial group of 30 pregnant women, which seven didn’t completed the protocol. So, 23 low risk pregnant women, without clinical complications, and gestational age ³32 weeks, were evaluated. Of those, 17 established the group 1 (GI), with two or more previous vaginal deliveries. The second group (GII) was established by six women, with two or more previous cesarean section. All the pregnant women realized plasmatic cortisol dosage (objective evaluation) and were submitted to Stress Questionnaire of Lipp (subjective evaluation). A statistical analysis was performed using non parametric tests of Kruskall Wallis, Mann Whitney, c2 square and t Test. Probability <0.05 was considered statistically significant. The Ethic in Research Committee of Caxias do Sul University evaluated and approved the study.

Results: the association between idealized delivery way and stress status in both groups, evaluated objective and subjectively, had no statistic significance. It’s important top consider high incidence of undesirables pregnancies (76,9% vs. 80% in GI and GII, respectively).

Conclusion: undesirable pregnancies associated to economically and social difficulties (low profit, low scholarship, multiparity) can induce to stress status, until exhausting state and systemic repercussions. Median plamatic cortisol level was higher than literature findings, but with no statistic significance.