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Splenic cysts are rare in children and can be congenital or acquired. Occasionally they are found in a routine ultrasound for other abdominal investigations. They can appear as a huge tumor in the left upper abdominal quadrant. Treatment can be conservative, in small cysts, or surgical, when larger, with preservation of splenic tissue, due to its immunological function against encapsulated microorganisms.

In a 10-year-old female patient, without symptoms, with an increase in abdominal volume, ultrasound and computadorized tomography demonstrated it as being a huge, expanding cystic lesion. A laparotomy was performed, with cyst decapsulation and preservation of splenic tissue. Histopathology revealed a benign epithelial splenic cyst. Cintilography, six months after surgery, showed a normal splenic parenchyma.

Decapsulation is an effective and safe method for treatment of splenic cysts, with preservation of splenic tissue and its immunological function.