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Objective: to evaluate the effectiveness of triphasic association 17-b-estradiol/noretisterone acetate (E2/NETA) in perimenopausal patients with menstrual irregularity; to verify the impact on the climateric complains and occurrence of adverse events during the therapeutical pursuing.

Patients and methods: 535 perimenopausal women with irregular bleeding (mean age of 46.51 + 4.6 years) was submitted to treatment with triphasic association E2/NETA for 3 consecutive cycles, in open, non comparative and multicentric trial. Interval, duration and amount of menstrual bleeding had been evaluated, as well as the evolution of the climateric complains and presence of related adverse events.

Results: it had gradual regularization of the menstrual cycle, being observed with regular intervals in 98.4% of the patients after three months of treatment. Reduction in the averages of the duration and the intensity of the menstrual flow was observed. The alterations in menstrual pattern had reached significance statistics in the three studied parameters. Climateric symptoms presented previously suffered gradual decline during the observed period. Headache, breast pain and nauseawere the most collateral effect described, with decreasing intensity after three cycles of handling.

Conclusion: triphasic association E2/NETA revealed efficient in control of perimenopausal irregular bleeding, with relief of climateric symptoms and low incidence of adverse events.

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